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you've written some pretty dumb stuff recently

but this might be your most ignorant piece of BS yet.

get a clue. committee's are part of the grassroots, just above rank and file party members.

as i've said might wanna look up the meaning of grassroots. read really slowly so you might be able to comprehend.

you are exactly like the people the liberty movement are against. you are a self-serving narcisist that believes anyone else's contributions could never be as valuable as yours.

problem is, you are directing your energy at promoting the warmongering, money printing, liberty hating, establishment candidate.

you have become what the liberty movement despises.

actually, i probably shouldn't speak for the whole movement...

you have become what this member of the liberty movement despises.

by the might just set a new record for down-votes with that ignorant piece of BS you posted here.