Comment: The answer is within occultism

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The answer is within occultism

the division of the TRINITY....

You have the Divine Right Trinity, or what I call, the Trinity of Divinity - which is 3 god-heads from ancient babylonia that was heavily emphasized in the catholic church - which is, the SUN of God, the illumination, the light of the world. the origin of the 'halo' behind Jesus (symbolized as God)

you then have the Abrahamic based trinity, in which the Father is in the Son and the Son is in the Father, making them one in purpose, the Soul, would be only 2, which through Jesus' actual scripture can be proven there is not a god-head trinity that he spoke about.

Anti-Semitism spawns from Semitism itself, where does ZIONism come from? Who is the God Head of anycient egypt? Ra - who had 4 children. Z.eth I.sis. O.sirus. N.ephyt. Z.I.O.N... we know Osirus had Horus (the all seeing eye), Horus had Sumerius (statue of liberty in NYC).

So, who in the time of Christ would have benefitted from Christ being persecuted? Zionists. Whose temple crumbled after Jesus finished God's promise? Zionists. Who distorted the Crusades and slaughtered anyone who didn't believe what they did? Zionists. Who is responsible for Israels darkest historical period of the first century in A.D.? ZIONists.

I will be writing a book on this soon, I'll keep you updated.

They that give up liberty for security deserve neither.