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I'm not seeing it. I'd like to see it and understand it.

First, I have no issue with the campaign this election because I did what the campaign asked. In 07 I had issues and refused to do what the campaign asked. I was torn. I really didn't want to become a Republican. But this time, I did. The campaign has been very good to me.

Romney won the election, so any door knocking, phone calling is for Romney, which I don't have to do.. I will call for Dan Roberts a Ron Paul RepubliCAN, and I call other Republicans. But I'm not calling for Romney.

Are you telling me you are making phone calls for Romney?

What's going on????

Are you guys on central committees? Were you elected??? Were you appointed??? I'm very interested, because I'm very interested in what issues you are facing and sharing what issues our REPUBLICAN Committees are facing in CA.

Are you telling me that you are making phone calls for Ron Paul? Who are you knocking on doors for? Please educate me. What's going on besides Ron Paul OK state campaign bashing?