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I assume being from North

I assume being from North Carolina, you are most likely a Southern Baptist, or another Protestant, who came out of Reformers like the Calvinist and the Church of England, who broke off of the Catholic Church because Henry VIII couldn't divorce his wife. So in your Protestant beliefs there is still some carry over from the Catholic Church. The incident with the blind man contradicts the Catholic's teaching of Original Sin, and as I said before, this man being Lutheran still has many of the Catholic Church's doctrine in it. Another point, you said that Baptism is not necessary, well I guess Jesus thought it was, since he went way out into the wilderness to find John the Baptist to baptise him, plus all his apostles were Baptised. When the Apostles set out on their journey to other nations, they had everyone baptised. Read about the Enuch, who they baptised. I can give you more references, but I'm too lazy to search and give you the exact references from the Bible, but I think you get the idea if you are educated on the Bible.