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Hmmm.... Well as an observer


Well as an observer who has been watching this from Sweden, read almost every post on the DP and living the whole election process vicariously it seems to me that the campaign management and CL4 were not interested in winning this election. Instead it seems that their sole motivation was in getting C4L members into leadership positions in the local and state GOP. For instance in the following situation when the grassroots booted out their man they dropped OK like five day old manure, they were not the least bit interested in supporting a grassroots movement they could not control and would not add clout to their organization.

Okies you did right, we just start a loosely organized national grassroots congress that we can send money bombs to that we know for a fact will support local liberty activists. We can base it on the congress and senate solution that our forefathers came up with 2 members from each state to a senate and a proportion of members from each state depending member numbers. They can decide where best to distribute funds.