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People who did not do what Ron Paul asked

Ron Paul asked you to join the GOP and become a delegate. You refused, so then you ask Ron Paul: (since I didn't do what you needed me to do to get the nomination) "What should I do?" And he said, "DO WHAT YOU WANT".

But if you did what Ron Paul asked, and joined the GOP, and became a delegate, Ron Paul and his campaign asked: GET A COMMITTEE SEAT. You only got this message if you did what Ron Paukl asked in the first place.

My way is Ron Paul's way, that is why I am a RepubliCAN on a Committee and vetting issues and delegates and meeting other Ron Paul RepubliCANs. It's AWESOME. I LOVE IT. I don't need to ask, "What should I do? I know what Ron Paul's plan is and I'm with it, getting my committee seats filled with RepubliCANs.

You say you have no problem with people joining a committee... but not you. You're not going to do that.

You say you are promoting Liberty. What does that mean? I'm on a committee fighting to restore the Republic to obtain liberty. You're promoting it? WTF is that? How is that helping?

The Liberty from the rEVOLution Movement is divided, so what good is it? Ron Paul ASKED YOU TO JOIN THE GOP AND BECOME A DELEGATE. If you didn't do that, you are on your own: DO WHAT YOU WANT. Good luck with that!