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Thank you for the calmer

Thank you for the calmer tone.

Regarding the National Campaign, for the most part we here in OK don't have a problem with the National Campaign. Just as for many over time questions have arisen but such is not our focus. That focus is promoting liberty by being involved in local politics.

I am glad that the National Campaign has been good to you. As I understand it many others such as Iowa have also had very good relationships with them as well.

Our problem here in OK is that the mediary (Al Gerhardt) chosen really did not help. The grassroots here largely continuing from the previous election cycle tried for months to get help and guidance. Even after the State Coordinator was named that help and guidance simply was not forthcoming.

Finally we had to start pushing forward with work that had been badly stalled by waiting.

Then months later, mostly around District and State Convention times the State Coordinator DID start making his presence felt.

He literally threatened other Republicans in our state with the grassroots. He was a bull in a china closet and showed himself by word and by action to be antithetical to the principles Dr. Paul spent his career promoting.

In the end to try and salvage what we could of our relationship with others in the GOP the grassroots took the issue to the National Campaign. Like you we hope to work within the party to continue promoting our liberty principles. The damage and hostility caused by Al Gerhardt was felt very strongly at the district and state conventions. That damage is still being felt and it will take time to heal those wounds.

On what we are doing now. We are staying involved. We have and will continue to take on leadership roles in the party at precinct, county, and the state level. So yes, that will entail also committee positions. Some now, more over time.

On phone calling for Romney... hehe, no. No we are not. We are actually working in the party to promote and hold it accountable to its espoused beliefs. So, we are working for our party as general volunteers putting in time at election headquarters and working for candidates down ticket that we can vote for in good conscience.

Ron Paul is a great example of principle. I have great respect for him. What we are doing is way bigger than him.

Here in OK we were, are, and will continue to be the campaign.

I know there was not too many specifics but I hope that helps. If not feel free to message or post back here.