Comment: As a Libertarian, I condemn and I ACCUSE :

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As a Libertarian, I condemn and I ACCUSE :

As a Libertarian,

I condemn :

1. any form of interventionism against foreign powers


2. any form of alliance with foreign powers

Both denying the American People's sovereignty, DECLARED in the form of the U.S. Constitution.


I). to be a BLOODY CRIMINAL, GLOBAL STATIST and OLIGARCHICAL organization, SERVING exclusively the private interests of its members

I)bis. to DISGUISE itself, and DECEIVE the nations' Peoples under the COVER of a humanitarian intent WHICH NEVER WAS and WILL NEVER BE

II). to have Plans to annihilate all forms of Liberty and deny the nation's People's natural rights

III). to have infiltrated an accomplice U.S. Government, CRIMINAL of TREASON against the U.S. Constitution, via associated clubs such as the CFR, and a number of multinational Corporations, thru their insiders

IV). to have corrupted the U.S. Congress itself, and other Houses


I DENOUNCE and I ACCUSE all those who ARE STILL TODAY, DAILY, COMMITING crimes of treason against the American People and its Sovereignty.

I appeal to the American People and of other nations to DECLARE WAR AGAINST the U.N. and all its satellites, TO OVERTHROW its criminals and bring them before the Peoples' justice !

Otherwise, Peace to the Peoples.

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