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I'm still not understanding

Was anyone asked to join the GOP and become a delegate on OK by the state coordinator?

It was my experience, that the dividing line with the campaign was either you joined the GOP and worked to become a credentialed delegate, meaning you connected with your GOP committee to be vetted and get a seat if you could, or you were dropped from contact by the campaign if you did not do that. Was that the case in OK?

How did he threaten other Republicans in OK with grassroots? Here in CA, grassroots caused more problems for Ron Paul Republicans on committees because we were always be accused of what they did. If there were illegal signs up. We were blamed. The grassroots rallies at our convention did not help us one bit, but set us back as the convention goers, were LIVID that they could not attend the seminars, or even vote, sleep, drive park, because grassroots was marching, shouting, sign waving... (and at the time I admit, I was laughing when they were scorning me about what happened) but I have paid a price in they blame and take it out on me because they know I'm for Ron Paul. Even last saturday I had a committee member say, "A very good friend of mine told me that you are going around town telling people you are a proud Libertarian." I was fortunate the Chiar did a background check on me, including a voting history, and told the members that I had been investigated and was eligable for my seat. I have been audited three times this year.

Next to Jesus Christ, I think Ron Paul and Ralph Nader are both very hard to "live up to". So to expect anyone to be "Ron Paul" is not fair. We all have to be ourselves, and people being people, not everyone is going to like "you". That's just the way it goes. So, if this is an attitude issue, I don't understand. He is a Republican, dealing with some pretty powerful people, and working to do what the National campaign needed him to do in OK. And if it was like CA, which I belive it was.. his job was to find those who joined the GOP, get them to go to their committees and become credentialed delegates.. he would have selected county or district leaders, had conference calls, passed down phone lists from those who volunteered on the national campaign, and worked as many county committees and the state convention getting committee memebrs to hear Ron paul's message, passing out what signs he could get, while trying to fundraise and find Ron Paul committee members who were seeking offices. He had no business with the grassroots.

Here in CA the campaign made no business with grassroots.

I'm not understanding how he upset the Republican party in OK. Here in my area, the coordnators for Ron Paul's campaign were esteemed in the GOP, which Romney's campaign was based, so they really had it rough making it clear to the CAGOP that grassroots was NOT them and they were not responsible for what grassroots did that upset the CAGOP across the state. Grassroots set us back. They did not help, they did what they wanted when they wanted, how and where they wanted, Ron Paul, the RP GOP campaign, and credentialied delegates be damned. They were the ones who made it hard for us to be taken seriously. Now that the RNC is over, those of us still on committees are earning respect by working together, forming aliences with the constitutionalists, religious right, fiscal conservatives, Oath keepers, Tea Partiers and Palin Earthquakers, who all like our "restore the Republic message.

Grassroots have abandoned the GOP and us, are doing their own thing having sign waves to audit the fed. So we are on our own, and I'm not complaining. Like you, we are able to focus on the candidates we like, and things are settling down as we get to work on voting up/down the RNC, CAGOP and county inniatives and resolutions for the November ballot. The closest I come to being Ron Paul is voting NO to unconstituional issues.

Can you explain the hostility he caused in and with the GOP in OK?

Thank you for your time and consideration.