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We did not split the vote, but Mr. Gerhart wanted us to

We did not split the vote. The campaign coodinator was asking us to split the vote or to only follow the national campaign plan of delegates. Those of us who were actually involved at the district level (because the state coordinator was not at most of the conventions, but just gave out "orders"), coordinated together and disregarded what Mr. Gerhart told us to do.

We only had one list of delegates to vote on. And that list of delegates was decided by a select group of individuals - for our state slate it was a committee of 10. For my district convention, it was a larger group of us who discussed which of our delegate candidates might appeal well to the general republicans (therefore get the most votes to win).

It was not that he was the official campaign and we didn't want him deciding who our delegates were. It was that he did not consult with us - the people involved in each district - to discuss who the best candidate might be. If we would have put forward the list he wanted us to at my district, we would have lost completely.

In regards to not hearing any delegate from Oklahoma doing anytyhing wrong....Every delegate elected from Oklahoma was not chosen by Mr. Gerhart. They were all chosen by the grassroots supporters of Ron Paul.

Mr. Gerhart put a bad light on Ron Paul supporters by making a big scene at our state committee meeting before the state convention. We had a challenge regarding Oklahoma's 1st Congressional District and we brought it before the state committee. This had support from both Ron Paul supporters and the Establishment. Mr. Gerhart tried to force the person who we had brought a challenge against to read a letter out loud that had nothing to do the challenge we were bringing forward. He accused this person of lying. It was a bad scene. We asked him to be quiet and go sit down, because it had nothing to do with the rules that were broken at the 1st District Convention.

There was a lot that went on with our state coordinator. Kind of hard to summarize it all, but I'm happy to answer more questions :).

-Qadoshyah Fish
Oklahoma Parking Lot Patriot