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Katniss Everdeen

Look, I agree that there are things we need to do to keep pushing Liberty candidates, however, I believe it is important to push for Gary Johnson at this point. He is on the ballot in 47 states, he is fighting for three more and I believe he will succeed. A lot of people said Ron Paul would never win, but we kept pushing on, and of course, the establishment kept him from the win. If not Gary, who do you propose we fight for at this point? Romney? Obama? A candidate that will not be on the ballot in enough states to have a chance? I considered writing in Ron Paul, but at this point I believe he would rather see us vote for Johnson, with what he said about him. "Gary Johnson is wonderful." - Ron Paul
With that said, saying Johnson has no chance is throwing in the towel on the Presidential election, and I believe we need to send a clear message to both parties from their blatant disrespect of the peoples voice in both conventions, so, let us try to get behind someone, and let us continue to fight for Liberty candidates everywhere. I would like to see suggestions on other candidates and where they stand with ballot access. Virgil Goode is on the ballot in 26 with a possibility of write-in in 7 states.