Comment: I'm not even going to try to bring in anyone from the streets

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I'm not even going to try to bring in anyone from the streets

As a committee member, you know what a huge learning curve this is, Roberts Rules of Order, RNC, State and county platform, by-laws, the Constitution, who's who doing what, ballot inniatives, resolutions, also as a committee person you most likely are being asked to chair sub committees and get on other boards, plus you should be having the opportunity for seminars on campaigning, net working, learning your county districts, the other counties, who works with who.. we just had major redistricting here. I think it's incredible you have the time and energy to not only know all this, but to be able to teach others and get them vetted committee seats. How many have you gotten?

I'm working a different stratigy, and it is with people who have had political experience, have compatible political issues, and after the election, I will let you know how many of those who say they are interested join me.. because I'm not asking them to join now and have to vote Romney. I'm voting Romney, I'm not asking or telling anyone else to. I think I will be very successful actually.. but it will have to be after the election.