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So you think Ron Paul's plan

So you think Ron Paul's plan is to screw the grassroots liberty movement and let C4L dictate who they think should represent local districts. Call me naive and old fashion but I believe the people who live and work in that district have a better grasp on who they can trust to represent their interests, mainly protecting their Liberty.
What you are suggesting sounds vaguely familiar, I seem to recall a Romney campaign in Tampa doing the exact same thing to some other elected delegates and you see the results. A disenfranchised grassroots GOP who are not currently walking their neighborhoods to get the vote out, hell the Romney campaign would be lucky if the grassroots of the GOP even make the effort to drive to their local school and walk to the voting booth.

Yeah that sounds like a winning plan. I for one do not think that is what Ron is suggesting at all, he is much to bright, honest and humble to ever think that he can dictate how best to promote liberty in your local area. I am following the only plan i ever heard Ron give "do whatever you think is best to promote liberty."