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Was anyone asked to join or

Was anyone asked to join or become a delegate by the state coordinator? Not to my knowledge. In fact by the time he started getting involved at all here in OK the precinct and county conventions were already done.

As in, if we grassroots activists had not self motivated and organized none of us would have been able to be delegates and thus part of the process.

Before I continue I think I need to make a clarification as it seems your use of grassroots may be a bit different than my own. By your definition of Grassroots I do not think we qualify as grassroots. We have joined, or had been Republicans, and we were from the start engaged in the party process. Grassroots are those activists out there doing the work, showing up, being involved.

They are the people that were up past 5am the night before the Rules vote in Tampa delivering information to all the delegate hotels so that they would be informed. They are the members of the party, the lifeblood, that is now working to hold the party to its espoused beliefs.

The grassroots you speak of seems more to be non-GOP RP supporters. Those I guess certainly are political activists and I guess grassroots in some fashion. But when most of us speak of grassroots I think we are speaking of those of us actually engaging in the party process.

I think a good deal of the resistance I am seeing to some of your posts is the denigrating of grassroots when you may be thinking of something other than what most your readers are thinking.

I'm also not sure but the way you speak of the Committee and vetting there in CA it sounds as if the process may be a bit different there than it is here in OK.

Here is is precinct convention which qualifies comers as delegates to county convention. Then county convention where Delegates are elected for District and State conventions. Here, we do not have a vetting process until you reach the State level looking to become a National Delegate.

All this work among the grassroots here was done in the absence of direction from the state coordinator and the national campaign. If we had not been self motivated we would have made up much less of the State delegate body than we did. I am serious when I say we had no help.

With Al Gerhardt it was not just an attitude issue. There was certainly that, but he was a bully that did not practice the principles of our movement. Standing on principle certainly is enough to cause problems, especially when standing up to those in power. We deal with that all the time. But by doing it firmly but politely things remain civil and we can build bridges. That was not how Al worked.

It sounds like you had a MUCH different experience in CA. I am glad of it.

I was going to write more but I'm out of time. I'll check back tomorrow.

A bunch of articles here if you are willing to dig through them, especially that first link.