Comment: It's tough to get people.

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It's tough to get people.

That is why when someone shows interest, unfortunately, you have to lead them by the hand a little bit at the start.

People have to want to become involved in the political process. As some of my previous posts stated, that you have read, folks don't want to. And as I said, states and counties are different just about everywhere. You are fortunate. I am not.

Ok, you are working a different strategy. That is good. Do what you think is going to work for your locality.

As previously stated, the states that have made big progress, such as Oklahoma, is where the best chances for growth come from, as far as being involved in the party.

I made a heavy post last week or so concerning RP folks don't want to join the party. I have accepted that. So, I have to adjust my local strategy to try and generate some interest. I have to adapt to what I accept as overwhelming odds not in my favor.

On the DP, I may now and then put out a couple sentences about working the party.

Your comment is a nice read.