Comment: The BEST candidate on the ballot in almost all states is Johnson

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The BEST candidate on the ballot in almost all states is Johnson

I agree with almost everything you stated above.
The fact is that we should rally for Gary Johnson right now because he IS the best candidate on the ballot in almost every state at this time. And a vote for Gary Johnson will make a lasting impression for the liberty movement in general if nothing else. But who knows?
I said the "liberty" movement. Not the TEA party, the republican party, the democratic party, or even the Libertarian party. But the movement for which we all have dedicated so much time and effort.
I understand that some christians take issue with the Gary Johnson position on several heavily POLITICIZED issue like abortion and gay marriage...etc. But please remember that these are divide and rule politicized issues which are according to the constitution to be dealt with on a state level anyway. I am quite sure that is exactly how Gary feels as well being a true constitutionalist. Lets not split hair's over something that probably does not even matter much.
I was a "Ron Paul or not at all" guy myself, and intended to write him in here in Ohio. But lets face reality here folks. That may have been OK had Gary Johnson not moved to the Libertarian ticket where he has managed to gain the ballot access that "could" put him in a position to win even, depending on what transpires. Do I expect it. Not. But it does make things very interesting. IF we all stick together on this.
Are we all going to campaign for Gary as we did for Ron Paul. I don't expect that to happen. But I will and am putting forth some effort to get his name out and inform people to the best of my ability. I see it as my swan song effort for the liberty movement.
And besides...he's moving up.
I expect most people have their minds made up. But consider the reality of what your support for Gary could mean to the momentum for or against our liberty movement. Because to me that is THE most important thing we have at stake in the here and now.