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Grassroots here in CA are not volunteer Republicans. Grassroots in CA, protest, rally, sign wave, petition for issues such as anti-war, medical marijauna, ending the fed, OWS, and come from a variety of parties, or no party.

It seems to me reading the articles about Al is that the Neocon/Tea party RINOS have an issue with him because he unseated them and had Ron Paul delegates seated in their place at the RNC, and that he was an Indy that became a Ron Paul Republican and FOUGHT them and won?

The articles were posted today, a month after the Ron Paul campaign ended and weeks after Al's boss Jesse Benton moved on the work with McConnell.. so why would Al still have a paid job?

Why is anyone defending the Neocon/Tea Party RINOs against a guy that won delegates for Ron Paul?????