Comment: I was only refuting the Khazar link.

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I was only refuting the Khazar link.

There isn't one. No extremism. Science is black and white with regards to where data falls on the bell curve. If 99.9998 (six sigma or greater) distribution shows data AGAINST your hypothesis, then your hypothesis is considered to be FALSE.

I couldn't give a **** about the truth of falsehood of the other aspects of people's posts on this thread (except for BurningSirus's who is spot on.)

I'm only addressing this ridiculous "real Jew" vs "fake-Khazar Jew", where the "fake" Khazars are today's Ashkenaz, theories on this thread which have been irrefutably demonstrated to be false by hard science, i.e. there is NO LINK WHATSOEVER between the Jews of the Khazar empire and the Ashkenaz Jews.