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*****>>>>I have declared

*****>>>>I have declared myself a god. Do you see the difference?<<<
>>You posted “I believe I am God”<<
If you are going to quote me, please use everything I said:
"I believe that I am God and believe that everyone else is too.."****

It is no use trying to distract from the fact that you said "I am God (not A god). That is the relevant part of the quote. It doesn't matter what you believe about everyone else. Besides, I have already established that you must assign the same attributes that you claim as God to everyone else.

*****"Can YOU create a god? Can you even create a human being? Yet God created you. CLEARLY you are not equals."
Yes I can, her name is Sofia, other gods created me, CLEARLY and we are all equals.*****

If you are referring to a child, I'm afraid that YOU did not create her. You provided part of the genetic material that you had through none of your own doing. Create a human being out of dust. Dogs, cats, rats, and fish "created" as you did, and they are not God either.

*****"Perhaps you would be more easily understood if you provided a definition/powers of the god that you believe you are. God is the legitimate authority."
God is an Idea created by Man, no Man stands between other Men and God. God is our son and our father. Every Man Is Sovereign.*****

Gods existence is expressed by men and through men at times. It is absolutely certain that other men understand God and Gods ways better than I do, and you do. St Augustine, St Thomas Aquinas, Polycarp, great theologians. I defy you to read "Heretics" and "Orthodoxy" by G.K. Chesterton and not become a believer. I can't even completely understand the depth of theology and Christian philosophy that exists, the truth that has been borne out as time passes and we fall away from God. The family itself is a reflection of the Trinity, God the Father reflected in the family dad. Your problem is that you are having trouble dealing with original sin, understanding that all men are flawed, sinful, fallen. You think if you eliminate the "middle man", the sinful clergy, and call yourself God this problem is resolved. But you are guilty of the sin of hubris and idolatry.

****>>>>"and presumably therefore create your own truth and morality you must then admit that everyone else has the same right/ability."
"No. That is moral relativism. Truth does not depend on perspective, what “is” is, or the current fashion. 2+2=4."
Why did you propose the possibility of one creating their own truth ("create your own truth")when you know that "what “is” is, or the current fashion. 2+2=4"? There are many truths that are not true.*****

Example, please.

****"Right is right, wrong is wrong. Lying is wrong, stealing is wrong, murder is wrong. Brainwashing children is wrong…even when done for the “greater good”. In your POV there is no right or wrong, truth or lie."I would like you to think about a situation where lying may be right.
I will give you a hand if you find it hard.******

Lying is wrong and there is no situation where it is righteous. It may save a life, you might lie to keep from hurting someone but that doesn't make it righteous. I don't find it hard, it simply is wrong. You may steal a loaf of bread from a rich man to feed your starving children but it is still stealing and still wrong. I would do it myself but it would still be wrong.

*****I create my own definition of right and wrong and do not impose it on others. There is truth and there are lies.****

But other "gods" as you call them may not share your NAP and their view of their god-rights would be just as valid. You have no objective moral authority.

*****"Since you define your own morality, others must be free to do the same. Supose they do not accept the NAP and believe as a smarter god than you they have the right to enslave you. Would they not be just as correct as you?"
Of course others are free to do the same. They can try and I can't stop them from trying. Enslave me? Only if I let them do that.****

NO. They are not simply "free to do the same". Their actions would be just as moral and righteous as yours. It becomes a "might makes right" situation.

*****"Would they not be just as correct as you?" What does this mean?****

It means that your POV that the NAP is morally righteous is nothing but your opinion without an objective moral standard that says it is wrong to steal, cheat, aggress. We have seen this play out in this primary season. How many "good" people watched and even particpated in the cheating and marginalizing of Ron Paul. so called Christians who obviously believe that cheating is OK "for the greater good" or for "Israel". They are CINOs, state worshippers in reality.

>>>>>"Anything goes and can be deemed righteous by anyone."
It can be deemed righteous by anyone, but it does not mean that it is.<<<<"By what authority could you claim it is not?"
By the sovereign authority I hold as a god among gods.*****

But the other "gods" hold the same "sovereign authority" which renders it meaningless, especially if they are bigger or richer than you.

*****By claiming to be a god, I am claiming the authority to act and speak for myself and deem righteous what I hold as the truth under my perspective while not submitting myself to the authority of any other gods.<<<<******

What's with the god stuff? Why can't you just be a sovereign child of God who denies the right of other humans to act as God over you? Why do you find it important to define yourself (rather pathetically, like these insecure feminist "goddesses" and "wymynprysts")as God?

****"You claimed you are God. You claim the right to define your own truth while obviously inadequate to do so (no insult intended, all humans are inadequate in this regard) and do not recognize legitimate authority, only your own. You have to allow others the same right as you have asserted, only don’t be surprised when you don’t like THEIR “truths” and moralities."
"You claimed you are God." That is not true.****

It is true, you even admitted it above when you complained that I didn't add the part about believing all other humans are "gods".

*****"You claim the right to define your own truth while obviously inadequate to do so (no insult intended, all humans are inadequate in this regard) and do not recognize legitimate authority, only your own."
That is insulting but I pardon you and hope you can pardon yourself for using those words.****

Sorry that you don't like to hear the truth but there it is. Hitler thought he could define his own morality and truth, as did Stalin, as does GWBush and the Neocons.

*****"You have to allow others the same right as you have asserted, only don’t be surprised when you don’t like THEIR “truths” and moralities."
Exactly, others do have the same right. I will not be surprised if I "don’t like THEIR “truths” and moralities" (or maybe I will LOL as there are some "crazy" folks out there that don't know they are gods yet), but as long as their " “truths” and moralities " do not trample on mine, there is a good chance we can all live in peace.
Since that is not the case yet, I come to the to hangout with others who either already know they are gods or are very close to discovering that reality.****

You'd better get some bigger guns because there are a lot of Caesars out there who stomp on little "gods" like you, and why shouldn't they?

(to be continued..)