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What a ridiculous post!

You make it sound like this Libertarian movement can actually make a difference and that it is anything but a "lightening rod" to defuse public anger at the elite banking oligarchs!

Look, I read G Edward Griffin's book "The Creature from Jeckyll Island" and it was nothing but a complete rip off of Eustice Mullins book ... BUT ... with banker controlled "gold standard" inserted and a dash of Ayn Rand's misguided economic thoughts slipped in too! NOT impressed.

Now I have to read mindless Pollyanna comments like the above!

Look, let's face facts.

The banksters don't CARE about "End the FED", so long as THEY remain in charge of the privatized monopoly of debt application through loans!

Surely that is a given for freedom lovers, no?

The banksters control 99.9% of the gold on the planet as well, so in what way can freedom reign under that yoke of slavery?

Anyway, Freedom is magnitudes more valuable than Liberty. So why are we not called the Freedom Party??

Liberty is merely "shore leave" granted as a "temporary" and "removable" privilege. Therefore "liberty" NOT a "right" !!

I want Freedom, NOT its lame sibling, liberty !!

I just don't want to see the Libertarian movement providing "covering fire" for the banksters !!

If we persist in blindly sticking to a "gold standard" and if we insist on confusing "fiat money" with "privately controlled fiat money", then we are doing the banksters job for them !!

AND ... another thing ... why do I read so little from all you guys about getting ALL money out of politics? There are nearly 4 big pharma lobbyists for every ONE congressman !!


Surely id you are looking of an Alliance, then we can all rally around what I have said here? Or am I sadly mistaken? Hmmm ... I guess I may be!