Comment: I became suspicious of our state coordinator

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I became suspicious of our state coordinator

I noticed several things. She also quit after the primary. I wanted to speak with her, but was referred to the RonPaul 2012 campaign. Also a December meetup - 2 guys tried to push the AE petition- that would have negated delegate status. One sat by himself and texted the whole time during our stragegy talks. Back to the primary - a trained poll watcher was sent away and someone else watched over the handcount. Voting was cut off at 8:00 in a heavy RonPaul precinct. People didn't get to vote. 3 precincts decided to just go ahead and not count the ballots and just take them in. Another tried and tried to do the same but 1 person insisted that they count the ballots. When witnesses (3 of us) complained at the warroom, the Ron Paul state coordinator just lightly scribbled a little note and went back to her laptop. Not one follow up question, no eye contact, no sign of indignation, no further interest. At that point I regretted not volunteering for the position myself. The entire campaign was most likely co-opted from early on. I won't name names but these people are very serious. It appears that it is a syndicate if you ask me. These are my personal observations.