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In Maine, it worked like Oklahoma

In Maine, it worked like Oklahoma, except in Maine, there wasn't some separate grassroots. The delegate list came from the official campaign, from Brakey. I don't know and don't care where Brakey got his list. We knew there would be an official list coming from Brakey, and Brakey provided us that list, and it all worked.

In Oklahoma, it appears that people just didn't want to follow orders. Campaigns are organized. There is a lot of following orders.

The OP here isn't at all clear that they fkd up when they decided that they were going to do their own thing, and not follow the orders of the official campaign.

And if the OP is confused why Tate is shunning them, consider that the "grassroots" didn't do what they were supposed to do.

What is this "asking us" BS? There's no confusion about who should be listened to. Whose orders should be obeyed. You do what the official campaign wants. Period. There's no choice number 2.

Grassroots committees don't come up with their own lists of delegates. Lists of delegates come from official campaign.