Comment: Does that make the Ashkenazi

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Does that make the Ashkenazi

Does that make the Ashkenazi jews true then?

I'm just asking because proving an assertion false doesn't prove another assertion true. All you claim to have proved to yourself is Khazar Jews (which really existed) are not Ashkenazi jews, not that Ashkenazi jews are any more Jewish then the Khazar jews.

I'm asking you to think, because I've read enough to realize our enemy really likes the lies that are based on logical errors like that. I've seen too much to convince me that discussions like this are noise to hide some very serious bad going on.

The ultimate point - why someone would take both sides of this issue and argue against the middle - is the question is irrelevant. Arguing either side encourages thinking it is relevant. Who was Jewish people in the Bible was never deemed important as doctrine. That's a doctrine of the pharisees refuted by Jesus Christ and also John the Baptist.

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