Comment: I live in Ohio.

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I live in Ohio.

As I have stated before (made a few posts about this) I can honestly tell you First Hand that there I see Many More Ron Paul and Gary Johnson signs in peoples yards than i see Obama-Romney.

I travel for work 5 days a week around West-Central Ohio and I have been shocked by how few Obama-Romney Signs or Bumper stickers i see I mean come on folks its weeks until election time and Im out on the road 10 (maybe even 12) Hours today and i saw like 6 Romney-Obama Signs (and maybe 10 Romney/Obama bumper stickers)...Yet I can take the kids for a bike ride around our home and see more Ron Paul and Gary Johnston Support than that within a few blocks of our house.

Heck there is a Young Couple with 2 kids right down our street who is sporting BOTH a Gary Johnson sign and a Ron Paul sign (with 2012 lined out and a homemade 2016 right above it!)

Its INSANE here in Ohio folks I dont know whats going on.

ANYONE for LIBERTY is all i can say at this point.