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Not Exactly (I Found The Source)

The source is Dr. Paul's Wikipedia entry (see below), which references a Houston Chronicle article (see below). Here's what it says in Wikipedia:

"He said that he had never read the entire Libertarian platform when he ran for president as a Libertarian in 1988, and that 'I worked for the Libertarians on my terms, not theirs.'"

So he didn't sign on to the platform (didn't even read all of it), and since the terms were Dr. Paul's, one can surmise that the LP either dropped abortion from its platform, changed its platform position to pro-life, or discarded its platform altogether in favor of whatever Dr. Paul wanted to focus on.

Regardless, it seems that Dr. Paul did not sign on to a pro-choice platform.

Wikipedia entry:

The Houston Chronicle article: Robison, Clay (1996-02-15). "Campaign 96/U.S. House/Paul Favors Repealing Federal Anti-Drug Laws". Houston Chronicle.

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