Comment: My county chairwoman (we are 15+ conservative area)

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My county chairwoman (we are 15+ conservative area)

tried over three times to get Ron and Rand Paul (or just Ron but we wanted both together) here in Spartanburg County, South Carolina, beginning in March 2011. My chairwoman e-mailed, phoned and even spoke with a national campaign lady (not our paid SC or volunteer chairs/co-ordinator) LIVE in person at Jim DeMint's debate and the thing never, ever got done. WE TRIED. Our GOP chairwoman, (who even actually wanted Newton to have it), tried for Ron & Rand to come together and lay the liberty smackdown. It would have been/could have been a HUGE DUAL EVENT!

This sin of omission of "failure to reply", had it been addressed by national, could have flipped South Carolina on a dime (to hear the truth and have our Liberty Livers attuned). "First in the South" and all that jazz. ARGH!!!

As one side note, the former chairman (Romney lover both cycles) of our county had BANNED RON PAUL (2007) [YES!!] from coming to our county, he hated RP so much (RP came anyway haha Beltram!) maybe our county was on the "no-no" map but I doubt that, this was a totally new chairwoman trying to arrange RP & RP coming. (Ron Paul did come to Spartanburg twice this cycle BUT NOT AS A GOP SPONSORED EVENT AS PROPOSED, which I don't think I need to keep repeating would have been a huge benefit to the campaign.)

I'll never get all the bad moves sorted through to tell you the truth.

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