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Scientifically absurd?

I just found this looking for something entirely different - ie what did Jesus look like and how did jewish people REALLY wear their hair in Biblical times; in the Jewish encyclopedic. But it demonstrates that using scientific absurdity to explain away things has been going on for a long time. I bolded some of the nonsense parts.

Jewish encyclopedia, 1905
Cause of Blond Hair.
The true explanation of the existence of Jewish blonds has been the subject of lively discussions among anthropologists. Some believe that it is due to climate and environment (Pruner, Bey, Pritchard, Jacobs), while others attribute it to racial intermixture, particularly to the admission of Aryan blood into modern Jewry (Broca, Virchow, Schimmer, Ripley, and others). Elkind shows that the color of the hair is independent of the cranial index. Virchow's investigations show that in the eastern or darkest provinces of Germany the proportion of blond types among Jews does not decrease; whereas in the Prussian provinces, which are predominantly blond, the Jews show the highestproportion of brunettes, and in Silesia, where the non-Jewish population is of very dark complexion, the Jews have a high percentage of blonds. The same has been shown by Schimmer to be the case in Austria. Andree ("Zur Volkskunde der Juden," pp. 34-40) points out that the fact that red and blond Jews are found in North Africa, Syria, Arabia, Persia, etc., is proof that intermarriage has had little to do with the production of the blond type in eastern Europe. He is of the opinion that there were blonds among the ancient Hebrews, and that the modern red and blond Jews are their descendants. Luschan agrees in this view. Jacobs attributes the erythrism of the Jews to defective nutrition, and shows that it is present not only among the European Jews, but also among those in Algiers, Tunis, Bosnia, Constantinople, Smyrna, and Bokhara, where the presence of Aryan blood could not be admitted.

Defective Diet? Environmental factors? Cranial factors? These have ANYTHING to do with blond hair? And all this absurdity to explain away any possibility of intermarriage with ArYaNs.

And this is 1905 in the the Jewish Enclopedia, well before WWII. Isn't intermarriage the easier explanation? Does being racial pure and not having any blond European blood, matter so much? Should it?

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