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"one can surmise that the LP either dropped abortion from its platform, changed its platform position to pro-life, or discarded its platform altogether in favor of whatever Dr. Paul wanted to focus on" -AllianceWithNone

...or kept it in their platform, and ran a candidate that wasn't 100% in sync with their platform [which is not an uncommon occurence in any party]

"While the Libertarian Party supports the right of women to choose an abortion, Dr. Paul believes that abortions are morally wrong. A group called Libertarians for Life failed in its attempt to change the party position." -NYTimes,1987

"He had money, power, and agreed with everything on the party platform except abortion (Paul is pro-life, the platform isn't)."
"There are enough radical elements in the platform to draw media attention away from the abortion issue and anyway Ron Paul has promised to distinguish between his personal viewpoint and the party platform." -Reid

RP was certainly not the only pro-life LP member at the time, but the majority was pro-choice, pro-choice was in the platform, and there it remained. I'm sure they have existed, but I'm personally unaware of any worthy candidate who has endorsed all planks of his or her party's platform. RP apparently came close in 1988 though, all but one plank. Perhaps he was unaware [as you've mentioned that he didn't even read the platform]. Did LP conform to RP? Did RP conform to LP? Who knows? The original term in this particular string is "align". RP most certainly aligned himself with a group whose majority was pro-choice. That was my initial point to AnAppealToHeavenWash. Did the group, whose majority was pro-choice, align with RP? Most certainly! More specifically, RP was a member of the group itself. He was a Libertarian Party member at the time.* Beyond that, consider this possibility - that RP may have agreed with more of the many LP platform planks [which were simply reflections of varied majorities] than anyone else in the room that day at the convention in 1987.

*It's interesting that Ralph Nader was never actually a member of the Green Party.

By the way, here's the only reference to the 1988 LP run, in that Houston Chronicle article from 1996...
"Paul, who unseated U.S. Rep. Greg Laughlin of West Columbia in
the April GOP runoff, temporarily left the Republican Party to
become the Libertarian Party’s 1988 presidential nominee." -Robison