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Here is another speech he

Here is another speech he gave where he talks about what people should do.

In this speech, from 2007, he doesn't mention joining the GOP or becoming a delegate. He talks only about educating yourself, and then promoting the message. He praises Lew Rockwell and the Mises Institute. You know, that guy and group that you said is "riding his coattails", "profiting off his name", and "hasn't done jack for liberty". He talks about how they laid the ground work for the current growth of our movement, and because of their educational efforts we are turning the intellectual tide. He encourages everyone to continue promoting the Mises Institue and ontinuing to educate people about libertarianism. Never did he say everyone should join the GOP and become delegates. It's almost as if the reason he never says that is because it isn't what he believes.

So, how many videos of Ron Paul saying the opposite of what you claim do you need to see before you admit you are wrong? Can you produce even one single video of him say everyone needs to join the GOP and become a delegate? I have posted three videos of him saying what he thinks people should do, and in none of them does he say what you claim he told us all to do. In fact, he says the opposite of that. I'll also keep posting additional videos where he says the same thing until you admit you are wrong. So if you want a reputation as a pathological liar, then, by all means, keep lying. If you want to move on to another topic, and be an honest person, then admit the obvious truth, you are wrong.