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Comment: Donations - Questions??

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Donations - Questions??

This has to be your decision. If you did not have doubts, you would not be questioning your decision.

I had no question when Dr. Paul requested his "last" money bomb. I had no question when Dr. Paul asked for an additional $350,000 after the last money bomb. Now I find there is over 2 million still in the campaign fund. NOW, I have QUESTIONS!!!!! Why were we asked for more money, and why was it not used to elect Dr. Paul.

I, as you already know from our discussion yesterday, believe the endorsements for Romney by our own people, before Tampa, encouraged the GOP and RNC to dump on us before and during Tampa, because they thought the rest of us would fall in line and support Romney also.

Endorsements matter! They are designed to influence public opinions and votes. As we have discovered, Rand did not vote for us in Tampa. If endorsements do not matter, certainly actions do! The "all for one, and one for all" that the Bill's supporters are asking for, is a twisted argument, in light of Bill's endorsement of Romney.

Bills has already received money from the Liberty Pac. If he still needs money, I suggest he get it from the liberty minded Minnesotians who know him better than we do.