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Comment: Ahmadinejad loves Jews, hates stinking Zionist dogs!

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Ahmadinejad loves Jews, hates stinking Zionist dogs!

This is classic. It is cliched rhetorical ploy among antisemites in the United States to first draw a distinction between Jews and Zionists, claim to love Jews and hate Zionists, and then having done so feel free to hate and blame Jews -- oops, "Zionists" -- for all manner of imagined conspiracies.

Yes, of course, such a distinction can and must be made as the words do mean different things, but in street level discourse it is standard to belabor this distinction to provide cover for antisemitism. And, this week, one of the premiere antisemites on the planet comes to town and pulls this same rhetorical trick.

In the comments here I find a handful of domestic antisemites nodding to each other, saying "Oh, I guess he's not an antisemite either!"