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Again we don't agree

I do not have a library of YouTubes about C4L and becoming a delegate. Ron Paul's campaign website is gone, the Delegates for Ron Paul website is gone, many of the states, "How to become a delegate" is gone, and though I could be wrong, I believe it's because Ron Paul no longer needs delegates.

I also believe that because Ron Paul faced off with a powerful political candidate, for example, I can not show you a YouTube where he knocks Romney out of the park, either. But I do not believe he was working with and approving Romney just because I can not find a video where is he specifically taking Romney on in any debate, or free lance YouTube. Does does not mean to me, that he was unopposed or approving of Romney; however, based on what you are suggesting about proof about delegates, I could make that argument.

I'm not worried about my reputation. All that tells me is that your mission is to destroy my reputation because you do not agree with how I understood Ron Paul and his campaign's stratigy. If I didn't believe what I believe about Ron Paul asking us through the campaign and C4L to join the GOP and become delegates, I would begin to believe that God spoke to me, or that it was by some marvelous miracle that I was so abundantly blessed to hear that I needed to join the GOP. It's my first time ever belonging to a major partry.

I NEVER thought that I would join the GOP, and it was very hard to check that Republican box on my voter registration. It made me feel sick. But I knew that it's what Ron Paul wanted because we both needed that for me to become a delegate to get him the nomination. I became a delegate, and I got a committee seat, and how amazingly wonderful that is. The campaign worked with me, I enjoyed the campaign, I can only conclude, by your proof, that I must be one of the most lucky, blessed, gifted people, beyond many I have ever known. I have a hard time thinking that God or an angel directed me to join the GOP to become a delegate for Ron Paul.

Unlike many people here, I also believe that Ron Paul's campaign was Ron Paul's. Jesse Benton, John Tate and others did what they did with Ron Paul's approval, understanding, guildence and input. I believe Ron Paul approved and gave them freedom. But none of them personally contacted me before I became a Republican and said, "You need to join the GOP". Back then there seemed to be many posts about becoming a delegate for Ron Paul, which one had to join the GOP to do that. Maybe you can tell me how a person could have been a delegate for Ron paul without becoming a Republican. And maybe you can tell me how Ron Paul intended to win the GOP without delegates?

It seems to me, be it Ron Paul, his campaign, C4L, I received that message, I accomplished the goals, and you did not.

I think it's great that you keep posting the videos. Thank you.

Maybe you have an idea how I received the message that I/ "we" need to join the GOP to become a credentialed delegates to give Ron Paul the nomination. After all, joining the GOP is not what I wanted to do. Having to fight the GOP, petition, qualify and win my elected committee seat is not what I wanted to do for my own self interest. It's what I understood Ron Paul needed to win and I did it for Ron Paul. My only regret is that I did not do it in 07. Back in 07 I did what I wanted. I sign waved, passed out campaign materials, made and posted Ron Paul rEVOLution banners, joined and attended 5 meet-ups, and spent a lot of time, money and gas, getting no where, which is not where I hoped it would go. I really hoped that Ron Paul would do it my way and run third party or Indy. But Ron Paul didn't do it MY way. Ron Paul was not interested in my connections with Indies from working Nader's campaigns with multible third parties, and a growing population of Indy voters. It seemed Ron Paul wanted it his way, IN THE GOP.

But hey, I could be wrong. So how did I get this message? What is it that would inform me to become a Republican and a delegate? Am I some kind of psyhic? Has God or an Angel given me a message to give me more than what I wanted, to become a delegate, but to actually get a committee seat and put me in an inner circle within my community of people who have power by their own businesses and connections? It would be hard for me to say that I am so much smarter and aware than the masses, or that I have heard the voice of God or an Angel that told me how to achieve my goals and so much more.

So I'm curious, how did I become so gifted, blessed, lucky if not for hearing, or coming to the understanding that Ron Paul needed GOP delegates to win the GOP nomination for president? To me, the obvious truth is you did not become a delegate. You were not chosen and you are jealous, so you attack me on a personal level.

Do what you want.