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And What a Splash was Made

...back then, by Kunstler...
It's apparent that your view of "GLOBAL TEMPERATURE CHANGE" is somewhat in line with his.
Please notice that I did NOT use the "global-warming" label, which has already been exposed,discouraged,dismantled, and dismissed.
But this is NOT the focus of the OP............

The interjection of GTC into this is more a tangent, more a byproduct of an agenda, more a distraction from the main article.
Like I stated; Kunstler has his agenda...
As observed.....Yours is quite apparent, and I'm not being judgemental here...please don't infer that.
Kunstler's writings are a good read, just as yours seem to be a good "clip and paste" knee-jerk response.....although I do appreciate the financial/monetary/wealth transfer segment...that's a given.

To each his's a free country, etc.
In Kunstler's case....his global-warming-peak-oil-sky-is-falling diatribe served only to raise the prices of gasoline and heating oil, while "lining his pockets" with receipts from his book sales.

Funny how the "People Who Run Things" or TPTB always "telegraph" the next phase of "what will be", or "what to expect" with the willful assistance of the MSM....that also includes "books".

Fool me once shame on you....Fool me twice, shame on....who?
Everyone's got an agenda....and "Every Picture Tells a Story".

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!