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"It seems to me reading the

"It seems to me reading the articles about Al is that the Neocon/Tea party RINOS have an issue with him because he unseated them and had Ron Paul delegates seated in their place at the RNC, and that he was an Indy that became a Ron Paul Republican and FOUGHT them and won?"

Al did not win anything for Ron Paul other than ire. He did not help us one iota in getting delegates.

Al, in his ongoing Sooner Teaparty stuff likes to claim a lot of victories but in most cases (all I'm familiar with) such claims of his personal responsibility does not meet with reality.

That is not to say with his Sooner Teaparty Al has not called out some politicians that have needed it. I will give him some credit there. He does on occasion expose issues. But that is also an issue aside from the problems with him as part of the Liberty Movement and specifically our State Coordinator.

I think you may not have gotten to the articles that discussed the problems Al caused for RP folks in the state.