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...according to Dr. Paul's address at the South Carolina Pro-Life Forum this past January, he views sending it back to the states as an interim step that will save many lives while the federal amendment goal is still a good one, just hard to achieve. I'm fully with Dr. Paul on this.

You have to understand that this isn't just about the logistics of sending it back to the states; it's also about the character of the man and how his outlook on the value of ALL human life informs his worldview and decisionmaking as a whole.

It's kind of like asking me to vote for someone who wants to end the wars, end the Fed ... but, oh, he happens to be pro-choice on infanticide for a few months after birth. But don't worry, he's for letting states decide. You might not equate the killing of the unborn a few months before birth with the killing of the born three months after birth; and my goal isn't to convince you of that in this thread. The point is that I DO equate these things, so you can see how voting for someone who is ok with it would grate against my conscience.