Comment: who cares what they think?

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who cares what they think?

I for one hope to god they blame us. In fact, the Liberty movement should get out there and start 'blaming" ourselves! We should be saying, "Hell yes we caused his defeat. And if you don't listen to us, say goodbye to the presidency for a long long time."

Rather than shrink from blame we should embrace it, encourage it even. It will be hard to argue we are simultaneously "irrelevant" and the cause of Romney's defeat. If they blame us, they brand us as RELEVANT. If they ignore us and blame Romney alone then we don't exist in the "popular" mind (i.e. in the 'minds' of the sleeping drones we call our fellow citizens).

So, bring on the blame.

Remember, the only things worse than being talked about is NOT being talked about. Sadly, RP can attest to this.