Comment: These clowns have it backwards and they know it.

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These clowns have it backwards and they know it.

People want CHOICES. They are tired of the same two idiots every time.

I'd venture a significant portion of their audience will not be either Democrat or Republican. Who's on stage for them?

The reality is that the LP candidate (I don't know why they said this since Casida is not running under the LP) won't get 15% without being in the debates, because voters automatically refuse to vote for anyone not in a debate.

People do not understand that their choices are artificially limited, and so they erroneously think those missing candidates "aren't serious."

To say you need to be "viable" before you get into a debate is ass backwards. At present, participation in debates is the measure of viability. To use viability as a measure to invite participants is circuitous.

When the shooting starts, it will be because people like Steve Henson made it happen by making "peaceful revolution impossible." Remember him.