Comment: I.ll take the bait. To say

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I.ll take the bait. To say

I.ll take the bait. To say write ins are ineffective can also be applied to ballot voting. If our votes actually mattered, they wouldn't let us vote. Vote flipping, dead people voting, illegal immigrants voting, counting votes in secret.....does it really matter If I choose to cast a write in? My vote has just as good of a chance to be thrown away as anyone elses. Prove me wrong.

Gary Johnson's stench of desperation is overwhelming. I am surprised so many here on the dp have fell for it. Oh but, Ron Paul says GJ is wonderful, I hear. Yeah that's nice. Sounds like praise a parent might give to a young child for putting their toys away. I know for a fact that RP doesn't think keeping guantanamo open is wonderful, or hunting down another US/corporate backed boogeyman for years to come, ie Kony. Or how about strengthening the bond between corporations and government via privatized prisons that gary is so fond of? Is that wonderful? A continuation of drone strikes and staying vigilant on the war on terror...wonderful? Wait, it must be the fact that gary thinks we should continue to prop up and fund Israel, right? Oh my, I almost forgot about the misnamed "fair" tax! Open borders, NAFTA/CAFTA , etc

I think the wonderful comment was Paul's way of encouraging gary to continue to learn - or, in GJ's case, at least pretend too.