Comment: Fear vote?

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Fear vote?

I really can't understand why people would vote for Mitt Romney out of fear that Obama might win. Will someone please explain what I am missing here? I doubt anyone who frequents this site is a 'die-hard' Mitt supporter, so I'm wondering, what is the big difference between the two?

From my perspective, they both have the same adjenda. Sure, Obama might have a socialist slant, but Romney has a fascist slant. To me, they represent two sides of the same statist coin (which is a fiat coin btw, wildly fluctuating values built on lies and false hope).

Voting for Mitt out of fear is exaclty what they are hoping for. For me, I refuse to play in the game they've created and will be 'wasting' my vote on the person I want to win. In the end, if Obama wins, or Romney wins I am confident nothing will change the course this country is on.