Comment: Flood Them With Our Demands

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Flood Them With Our Demands

The best thing we can do is flood them with demands to stop this.

Here is a link to all of the contact information you need in regards to who is voting on this decision:

I believe Mayor Sam Adams and Nick Fish are in support of poisoning the water!
Amanda Fritz and Dan Saltzman looked to NOT to be in support of it.


I've written to all of them and told them to leave fluoride out of the water - it is NOT a question of health, but a matter of personal choice and liberty; it is not the job of the government to decide what we eat or drink or do to our bodies, it is our individual choice. No amount of scientific studies can dismiss liberty.

Flood these public servants with very stern messages telling them to stop with the plans to fluoridate the water. We got them at the start of this, it worked before, it will work again.