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Is Ron Paul "baiting" you?

I keep seeing the same defeatist argument which is essentially:

"if you think writing in Ron Paul is ineffective/meaningless… well… all votes are meaningless anyway, because of assorted corruption… so why shouldn't I just intentionally cast an entirely meaningless vote that at least makes me feel good about myself?"

Your saying that because corruption exists your vote can never matter, and you just want to assuage your own feelings. You've already given up, and decided that your feelings are more important than taking the action that Ron Paul believes would be more productive.

Ron Paul has already advised against writing him in. He went to a great deal of trouble to publicly make the case for voting third party. Why do you reject his argument? Instead of repeating the defeatist argument, listen to his press conference and then explain why you feel his opinion is wrong.

RON PAUL PRESS CONFERENCE 9/10/08 Part 1 (9:35)
With Chuck Baldwin, Ralph Nader, and Cynthia McKinney
Part 2 (6:19)
Ron Paul on the electoral process. - "any candidate who has gone through the onerous process, which is so biased against us, and is still on enough states' (ballots) that they theoretically can get enough electoral votes to win, ought to be in the debates."
Part 3 (4:15) Cynthia McKinney
Part 4 (4:37) Chuck Baldwin
Part 5 (9:25) Ralph Nader
Part 6 (8:29)
50 debates in 50 days?
Ralph Nader: "What good are voter rights without candidate rights to get on the ballot and give us choices?"
Part 7 (7:38)
Cynthia McKinny on election integrity, Chuck Baldwin on "the evil of 2 lessers", sacrificing principles will bring about the loss of freedom, independence and our constitutional form of government…
Part 8 (8:29)
"the term 'spoiler' is political bigotry"
Paul reiterates the purpose of this press conference, bringing a coalition together to address the subject of the electoral process, the oppressively, burdensome task of getting on the ballots.
Part 9 (6:35) Ron Paul on Georgia & Russia, rejects committing another billion dollars to Georgia, - McKinney on foreign Aid, Nato, Ukraine & Georgia

I think your criticism of Gary Johnson is way overblown. You can't support a man that vetoed 750 spending bills while he was in office? Cut Taxes 14 times? Reduced the size of government? These aren't campaign promises - they are things he's actually done.