Comment: I do not know why I even respond anymore.

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I do not know why I even respond anymore.

"What are those people who did not join the Republican Party, but belong to many parties, no parties, and come together to petition, sign wave, rally, protest issues if not grassroots?"

They ARE grassroots.

They have donated to money bombs and to help DELEGATES get to Tampa. They see Ron Paul as the only honest candidate, who then after research understand that our nation is a Republic and that we must follow the Constitution and the corp bankers must go.

They have helped print material for others to pass out, worked phone banks and walked door to door, among many other things, which in turn spreads the message of Liberty. They learn the system from the ground up and with luck get voted as delegates and obtain positions. Some go on to run for office.

Some have changed party in time to vote RP in the Primaries. Others have missed the 'deadline' but are NOW on board.

r3VOLution is ALL inclusive. WE ARE NOT YOU. We do not criticize, nor do we slander. We are Americans searching for truth and justice and help each other along the way.

After repeated attempts to explain this to you, your seat is meaningless to me. You do not promote Liberty, nor do you welcome or thank others for getting on board. You are cruel and obnoxious and do nothing but spout your so-called greatness.

How many years did you say that you were with the Lib party and have failed? I suspect that the same number of years will pass too, that you will be a failure within the Republican party. Simply put: You never learn. And THAT is why you fail.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul