Comment: I need to contact one of the mods

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I need to contact one of the mods

(no, not Jimmy or Stef for all you Quadrophenia fans... hehe)

I want to advertise on the DP, but the pages says the middle column below the skyscraper are 160x160, and yet the ads showing on the DP are 160x200. I sent an email to the DP contact link but I haven't gotten an answer. I know how busy you guys are, but I don't know how else to get ahold of anyone. Mods, feel free to edit this paragraph out of this post after we've connected.

Also, I have an idea about having become a 'sister' site to the DP. It would allow DP members to:

1. also get (free) accounts at
2. post links to DP articles there, creating cross traffic
3. make a little money with their own Zazzle stores that they can link to in their o'2012 postings

Someone please get back to me asap.

In Liberty!