Comment: GOP 2.0 will be born from the Romney Loss

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GOP 2.0 will be born from the Romney Loss

There is no doubt I will never vote for the disgrace and embarrassment that is Romney and Ryan. I firmly believe they are terrible human beings and will do everything in our power to crush the Liberty Movement if they were to win.

That being said, I can't vote for Obama either, while I don't believe he is as malicious as Romney, he is a proven liar, murderer and has passed laws (laws that Ryan and Romney support) that are undermining everything this country was built on.

This leaves us as a movement in an interesting predicament...

We are the future of this party and hopefully the nation. Every day more and more people hear our message and want to join our movement. The only obstacle in our way is the current GOP/Neocon/ Romney, Ryan establishment. The establishment will take a serious blow from this loss and will be at its weakest and ripe for a takeover. I will happily take the blame for a Romney loss as I think that will drive more attention to our movement.

I mean we know one of these two clowns is unfortunately going to win, that's just a fact. The way it looks, hopefully Romney loses as 4 years of Obama would be preferable to 8 years of Romney in every way. Many of us are currently registered Republican and most will remain GOP even if they don't vote for Romney. That's really how we win, we continue to take empty seats at the GOP and support Liberty Candidates all over the country. We continue to vote out every Neocon cancer from Power until they are just a bad memory.

We are the future of this party and the country. The next 4 years we need to work hard to continue the purge of the Neocon virus from the GOP and rebuild the party in our image.

GOP 2.0 - The upgrade is coming...

Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.