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Oh, brother, was this ever a yawn!

So boring..typical programmer talk. He needs to make his presentation more oriented towards people who don't understand "code".

His point was so belabored that I about fell asleep. Finally, in the end, I got what he was saying (I think).

Unfortunately, it is NOT the goal of politicians to be tansparent. Their goal is to receive a 1,000 page bill from their lobbyists & lobbyist's attorneys from the powers-that-be (the Federal Reserve, the banking & corporation interests), go to lunch, have a cocktail, then, come back and vote on something they haven't even read. Disgusting, but I don't know how we change it, if we don't get control of the MEDIA.

Still, this concept would only be usable in an ideal world, and we definitely do not have an ideal world and never have had one. In fact, the powers of corruption will fight tooth and nail to keep the little people's fingers out of their business. Remember, after all, what Diane Feinstein said about you and me regarding the Banking Bailout. She said, "We know better. THEY don't."