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Rediculous Topic!

Everything I have heard and read about Gary Johnson's tenure as a two term Governor indicates that he is fiscally conservative. I have no doubt that he will disposition any campaign debt he has in a healthy and satisfactory manner. He has given absolutely no reason to suggest otherwise, and your headline is that of a troll spouting negative hyperbole just to stir it up.

If you are so interested in this topic, you no doubt attended one of the many open forums Gary Johnson has conducted, to field whatever questions anyone wants to ask of him. What forum did you attend and what was his answer to your questions concerning his campaign finances?

Johnson is trying his best to continue the message of Liberty forward and break through the media bias and blockout - an effort we should all appreciate, applaud and encourage.

As a Ron Paul Republican and long time Ron Paul supporter, what is most important to me is advancing the Liberty Movement forward, and positioning it as strongly as possible for 2014 and 2016.

I respectfully suggest that voting for Gary Johnson sends precisely the same message to the establishment that voting for Ron Paul would, and is the best thing we can do in in 2012 now that Ron Paul is not the nominee.

Proclaim LIBERTY throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof