Comment: Someone called me and gave me your phone number with

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Someone called me and gave me your phone number with

regard to Jim Uprichard. I tried to call once, but with all that has been happening I was not able to get back with you. Here is an update about Nevada National Delegate - So, the doctor's say he is about a year and a half out from gaining his memory back. (They are Ron Paul people and so far they have not charged him). Jim is going to need speech therapy, physical therapy, and occupational therapy. This is going to be costly. He cannot see correctly, his vision problems are hard for him to explain as he cannot find the appropriate words for his issues. Jim's shoulder and elbow are in the most pain, but they are healing. He was able to get the 22 staples removed and the scarring looks good, no redness or swelling around the incision.

I have been doing a lot of reflexology on Jim's hands and feet and we have been using breathing excercises and color therapy to assist him with managing the pain. We did a math excercise, such as 4+5 and 3+7 and it was quite a challenge for him to accomplish. The doctors have been asking him to recall three thing, such as bird, dog, and cage. He is not able to do that yet. In spelling world frontwards it is no problem, but recalling it backwards he is unable to do.

Your continued prayers for Jim are necessary. I will be updating about the first hospital bill soon.

Thank you, thank you..... the progress has been amazing from being on a ventilator and searching for the next of kin, to all the bruises being healed, long term memory being almost completely restored, and getting some of the memory of the Republican Convention back, we appreciate your thoughts and prayer for this liberty loving patriot.