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The Talmud is worth reading, but it's certainly not up to your description. It's a very long collection of writing by many different authors, some very good, some not. On any given issue it will usually preserve several, contradictory opinions, some of which have to be horribly embarrasing to anyone that wants to trumpet it's virtues. For instance, on the subject of the original hebrew alphabet, the opinions preserved range from that of Mar Zutra (which we know to be essentially correct) to that of Rabbi Elezar of Modin, whose reported position is so absurdly ignorant as to inspire gales of laughter in any reader who knows anything about the question at all.

Rand was a talented woman but she certainly never succeeded in 'debunking' Rothbard or libertarianism in the eyes of anyone that hadnt already drunk her koolaid and joined her cult. In fact Rockwell schooled her pretty hard if you ask me. But a person who surrounds herself with people that literally worship her and 'excomunicates' anyone that so much as dares to like a piece of music she does not, is no role model for the movement and no paragon of rationality, however good some of her books might have been.