Comment: I have seen a lot:

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I have seen a lot:

And the fun isn't over yet.
I have lost everything twice.
Long story, but now that I am an older man with pieces missing, heh heh heh
I have seen those bills. It's pretty scary.
I hope you don't let it all wear you out.
I also hope he does real well in his recovery.
All I can say for the moment is, welcome to your new normal.
It's what makes us who we are.
Now that my youngest is of age, all I want to do is go riding again.
I gave it up because I knew I was very needed and didn't want to risk not being around for those that counted on me. It may sound strange, but I would mind going doing something I love with great passion.
But I think I will do my best to hang around a while to fight for liberty.

I love my country
I am appalled by my government