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I will only write in Ron Paul.Romney should step down or be disqualified for all of the corruption that has gone on period!Ron Paul should be the Republican nominee and they know this!Why are we not fighting for that??Where is the campaign on this???
Ballot Box Switcheroo?

Ron Paul voting record alone proves my point,he has NEVER FLIPPED OR FLOPPED EVER!
I want my family home!Enough of these wars!NOT ONE CANDIDATE HAS EVER SERVED!Only Ron Paul has served!I will not back a candidate that changes his mind especially on Foreign Policy ever!Ron Paul has 30 years of standing of what is right,honesty,and believes in us"We The People"to take care of ourselves not the government to do it for us!

I will be able to lay my head down at night knowing that my vote went to a man that truly loves this country and US!
I'm Gonna Write In Ron Paul
Guess what I am not the only one that is doing this either!
Found this site a while back and wanted to share,ties alot together,and yes I do know you have to be careful to what you find on the internet but this answers a lot!